Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I went for my singing class. But before I went, I had to go with my sister, Tiara on a class field trip . It was at a science museum for kids age 2-8 as thats what it says in their site. All they do is play! Well it was okay, nothing interesting for me, was bored after playing for sometime. After the museum we had lunch with my sister's friends. Then I went to my singing class. Guess what I brought for doing in my break time.... 3 IEEE Spectrum magazines! I like them a lot. especially their "hands-on" section. I read that first always. The singing class was fun. We are going to learn Amazing Grace in Cherokee version and Morning Song, another Cherokee song. We will also learn a few other songs but these two songs are the only songs that I know we will be singing. I got in the car after class and my dad drove back(as usual) and after that me and my family had dinner and the the time for bed (the worst part in the day for me ) ...the end!

Ok bye

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