Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today is Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today I helped planet hunters, an online site where users can help find exoplanets(planets outside our solar system and orbiting other planets: I did that for about an hour. I then went and learned, did my home-school work (language arts & pre-algebra). Also today was the day I had to go to Physics college class in ARC. It was my first day for the class but I am not enrolled yet. I might soon. I came back and started to read a IEEE spectrum magazine, the old ones from my dad's subscription. I love to read the articles there. Then had dinner and went to sleep, which I hate to do .

Yesterday was January 17 , first day of college spring semester, I was trying to get into a college class in SCC. I got permission but the dean of counseling in the college didn't allow me since I was new and because of my young age (8 yrs). The process is long and somehow the vice president had to do something with the situation and denied me to go there! I got so angry & :-<
The professor was nice and the class was on dinosaurs and biology, one of my favorite subject. Right this moment I'm sad that I cannot get into both the classes that I want, Conceptual Physics and a biology/paleontology class because I liked both classes.

Ok then, bye - Tanishq

P.S. Even though it says this is written by Dr. T (my mom), it is written by Tanishq, me

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